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Portfolio of Jordan Winslow, Front End Web Developer & Designer

Front-End Developer, Designer, Music Producer & Advocate of Humanity

Hello, I’m Jordan Winslow! Below you can see a 60 second video on the features of this site & learn more about my values:

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As a lifelong artist who has spent over a decade in sales & marketing, I recognize how important art design is in human interaction.

From the words we speak to the imagery we use in our campaigns, people ignore designs that ignore people.

People Come First

I believe we earn our success based on service to others, not at the expense of others.

Therefore I refuse to work for organizations who value profit over human kindness or the evolution of our species.

I have been known to work for free for the right cause.

lazy ingenuity

I’m not interested in wasting your time or mine. I believe in doing things the easiest way possible.

“Laziness drives innovation. How else do you think we got power steering?”

This Website Was Designed and Coded From Scratch to Demonstrate Exactly What I’m Capable of.

If you’re still not sure I can bring your designs to life, take a look under the hood and you will be convinced!

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So, What’s Running Under the Hood?


React, Gatsby, GraphQL


Styled-Components, CSS Keyframes, GSAP, React-Spring


Functional OOP, Higher-Order Functions, Atomic Design, Intersection Observer, React Hooks, React.lazy, CSS Feature Queries


  • Interactive, Animated Homepage With Randomly Generated Background & Catch-Phrases on Each Page Load
  • Beyond Responsive: Dynamic Text, Images & Conditional Component Loading. Looks Great on ALL Screen Sizes
  • Site-Wide Day/Night Mode
  • Blazing Fast Load Times + Component Lazy-Loading
  • Cutting-Edge Component CSS With Styled-Components & Feature Queries
  • Custom Designed Vector Graphic Icons, Logo & Page Header (About, Contact & Blog Page)
  • Interactive Mobile Mockups You Can Pick up And Toss Off-Screen